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SPISetIODirection faild error

Discussion in 'FPGA Boards' started by Makena, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Makena

    Makena New Member

    Dec 28, 2015
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    I have recently purchased a Mimas V2 board. I downloaded all of the files on the board page. I am having issues on page 14 (16/33 on the PDF) of the User Manual. The previous 2 pages goes through the process of generating a bit stream for Mimas V2. I managed to do that without errors. I then open the configuration tool, select the COM port Mimas V2 is connected to, click "Open File" and select the .bin file I created on the previous 2 pages, press "Program" and receive the following messages:

    File selected "parity.bin"
    Configuration download started...
    SPISetIODirection faild...
    Configuration failed...

    I also try the same process with the "mimasv2_sample_bin_file.bin" provided on the downloads page and receive the same issue. The failed issues come up immediately after I press program. I have tried different USB cables. The SW7 switch is on the 2 position. Is there something that I may have missed and am doing incorrectly?

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